My name is Mauro Consilvio and I am a photojournalist based in Milan, Italy.
Photography has been my passion since childhood: I love capturing raw images of people and documenting their lives. I find inspiration and beauty in all my subjects, and I strive to communicate my perceptions through my goal. Photography is my way of interacting with the world. My goal is my witness. I studied photography at the Istituto Cesare Correnti and I worked for various press agencies, including Emmevi Photo Agency, Sky TV Italy and ANSA (the main Italian press agency) among others. My work has taken me to Kosovo, Romania, Eritrea, Togo, South Korea, Morocco, Cuba, Mexico Baja California, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other areas of crisis. I am very interested in the stories of current events, but also in fashion, portraits, corporate clients and I can easily create multimedia projects (broadcasting, film and drone movies). My work has been published in many Italian and international publications, including RSI Swiss state TV and web, RSI Swiss tv "Segni dei Tempi", Corriere della Sera, Il Giorno, Il Giornale, Playboy, Anna, Panorama, Donna Moderna, Oggi, Sette, Visto, Gente, Tu Style and Stern. Thanks for visiting my website. For requests, comments or quotes, please send me an email directly and I will contact you promptly.




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